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Winter tyres

Winter tyres

The weather changes all over the year have a direct effect on the driving conditions on the road. Therefore, whatever vehicle you may be having, it will benefit only when it possesses tyres that are suitable for all weathers. However, if you are somewhere in the world where there is single prevalent weather then you may opt for that specific kind of tyres. So, mainly there are three types of tyres

  1. Winter tyres
  2. Summer tyres
  3. All-season tyres

Determining and buying the right types of tyres according to the weather of your living area is a key to success. Buy heavy Truck tyres, Car tyres, Van tyres, construction tyres and Agri tyres from It ensures the maximized performance and the best driving safety all year round.

winter tyres

What are winter tyres?

These are the unique types of tyres that are said to be cold weather specialists. They have exclusive tread patterns that are particularly designed to bit both ice and snow. That is why they provide high efficiency and safety margin at temperatures below the range of 7oC. Also, they are great for offering good traction on extreme frozen surfaces. Specialist ice, as well as snow quick fit tyres, are nowadays considered the most popular products in winter season for your truck and car tyres.

Different Types of Winter tyres in Ireland

Nowadays there are a large number of brands and companies which are manufacturing a diverse range of tyres for vehicles all over the world. If we talk especially about Ireland, then one of the best tyres manufacturing and selling companies here is This company offers an immense collection of tyres at the most reasonable rates. In addition to that, the experts here are very cooperative and they implement tyres in the vehicles professionally.

Some of the top most tyres for the winter season present in the tyre Centre of Rathdowney include the following. You can order whatever tyre you want with just a single click on the website.

  1. Uniroyal
  2. Fulda
  3. Barum
  4. Sava
  5. Continental
  6. Kleber
  7. Goodyear
  8. Nexen
  9. Michelin and many more

Benefits of Rathdowney winter tyres

Nothing grips cold roads and snow as the tyres specialized for this purpose. That is why whether you are on a misty, wet, ice, or snowy road, they prove the best tyres in Ireland.

Some of the significant advantages of such winter season specialized tyres available at Rathdowney quick fit tyre company are as follows:

  1. They are excellent at gripping snowy cold roads.
  2. Fill their treads and grooves with snow which keep their firm hold over the road and prevent slipping
  3. In addition to that, their extra deep treads are greatly capable of dispersing more water
  4. These tyres also help improve handling and reduce aquaplaning on wet slippery roads.
  5. They offer greater safety and maintain extraordinary flexibility in the cold.
  6. Besides all, they are extremely hard-wearing in comparison to summer tyres
  7. Last but not the least, they are available at the most cost-effective rates.

Shop Now!

So, if you are searching for “Best winter tyres near me”, then your wait is over. Immediately visit and order your required tyres to enjoy on snowy roads of the winter season without any worries.

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