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Forklift Tyres

Forklift Tyres

Without any doubt, your Forklift Tyres do and offer a lot more than just merely moving your truck around any warehouse. Unlike the tyres of any car, those fitted on a forklift prove an essential item to keep your operation safe and stable.

forklift tyres

Different Types of Forklift Tyres

These tyres are one of the most integral and essential parts in determining rightly, on which surface the forklift is going to work smoothly, like either that surface is a rough outdoor yard or a slat factory floor, etc.

That is why at Rathdowney Quick Fit Company tyres center, we offer a wide variety of tyres for your forklifts. Broadly they are classified into three main classes. Depending on your particular application, each one of them offers additional safety benefits and productivity in your workplace.

1.    Cushion tyre forklift

These types of tyres are mostly composed of solid rubber which is why they are frequently pressed onto the wheels of forklifts.

In addition to that, they offer a smaller turning radius due to which they usually sit lower to the ground. This feature provides an extra advantage in maneuverability.

Most commonly cushion tyres are significantly suited for paved or indoor application use. That is because they can struggle very well even on uneven and rough surfaces like gravel.

2.    Air-filled Pneumatic tyres

Although these tyres in Ireland are also made of strong and long-lasting rubber, much like a truck or car tyre they are filled with air.

Moreover, these tyres possess a deep tread pattern and design which makes them the best to move on rough outdoor terrain.

3.    Solid pneumatic tyres

Similar to cushion tyres, these are also specially designed of solid rubber and are now one of the most trending quick-fit tyres all over the markets.

Moreover, as they are solid pneumatic so they are generally utilized for a combination of both indoor as well as outdoor applications.

However, unlike cushion tyres, they do not offer a comfortable ride on paved surfaces. Lastly, although their initial investment is higher, they have a longer shelf life and are practically indestructible compared to all other tyres.

How to take good care of your Forklift Tyres?

Looking after the tyres on your forklifts is a crucial part to ensure that you always get the maximum value out of them. In addition to that, taking good care of them also guarantee maximum fuel efficiency. Both these factors are something that almost all top-rated companies like Rathdowney quick fit strive to achieve. is dealing all types tyres like truck tyres, car tyres, agri tyres, Quad tyres, grass equipment tyres.

Besides that, simply having a keen check on your tyres’ overall condition, wear and tear, and damage help improve cut costs and make your forklift safer and more productive. This means that as long as your quick-fit tyres are fine, you can utilize them for a longer span and save your money.

While on the other hand, when the tyres get damaged and become unsafe for you, there will be a serious risk of injuries and damaging goods in your vicinity. At that time, it becomes essential for you to replace them as soon as possible.

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