General services - Puncture repair, Brakes repair, Wiper blades
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General Services

car services

General Services

Regular servicing and maintenance of any appliance are as much important as the frequent health check-up of human beings. Because over time, half working parts and build-up pressure mess up the system. And leave you with a non-functioning object requiring enormous costs.

That is why taking general car services from a reliable company is important for many reasons. Not only it keeps you safe, but also it is great for saving both time and money spent on a vehicle.

General services

Also, having timely car services can

  1. Extend the life of your engine
  2. Reduce fuel consumption
  3. Increase the safety of your vehicle
  4. Prevent wear of moving parts
  5. Maintain road worthiness
  6. Improve the resale value and many more

You see, it is thus quite worthwhile. So, don’t miss a chance.

Types of General Car Services Types in Ireland

There are three basic levels of car servicing. Each level readily depends on two things i.e., vehicular usage and annual mileage. After considering both these, you can easily choose which type of service your vehicle requires

  1. Regular Maintenance (When your vehicle filter or oil need to be replaced)
  2. Interim Service (Required after covering 600 miles or every 6 months)
  3. Full Service (Taken after a year or covering 1200 miles)
  4. Manufacturer Service (Devised as per manufacturer schedule)

Where can I get reliable car services?

In Ireland, there are a large number of companies offering their car’s services to local people. Among all such companies, one of the most trustworthy is Company. The major reason behind it is that the professionals here are experts in their work. And they try their best to fully satisfy the client’s vehicular needs at the most reasonable costs.


car general services

The following are some of the general car services available here:

1.    Brakes Repairs

If you notice grabbing noises, pulsations, and longer stopping distance. It means that your brakes need to be inspected according to the recommendation in your manual. Also, minor brake problems can lead to severe problems so they should be corrected promptly. Our professionals thus work well for brake repairs.

  • Advice and report on brake fluid condition (extra charges if replacement needed)
  • Inspect brake repair discs and pads for wear and tear
  • Hand brake check operation
  • Visual check of different brake calipers leaks for safety and security
  • Visual check on all visible hoses and brake pipes

2.    Windshield Wipers

A dirty car windshield can cause eye fatigue which may pose a serious safety hazard on roads. Therefore, get your worn wiper blades change and replaced by our experts. You may also ask them to clean windshield with plenty of washer solvent.

3.    Headlights

Properly working car headlights are one of the most significant things for driving safely on road. So, our experts

  • Inspect of all lights and bulbs installation
  • Replace damaged or burnt-out bulbs
  • Headlights alignment and focus services
  • Periodically clean dirt from them
  • Never use a dry rag on them

4.    Oil and filters

The specialist at our company changes both your vehicle’s oil and its filters as stated in your manual. Especially if you frequently cover 3000 miles while driving on frequent short trips.

5.    Steering and Suspension Checks

  • Wheel bearings
  • Shock absorber condition
  • Condition of steering rack gaiters
  • Condition of tyres on road springs
  • Looking after suspension components

6.    Tyre implementation and puncture repair

At Rathdowney quick fit company, we take good care of your Car, Truck, Agri, construction, Quad tyres and also other vehicles

  • Check as well as adjust the pressure in the tyres of cars
  • Tyre change and implementation services
  • Inspecting tyres condition for wear and tear and offering puncture repair services
  • Considering tread depth and their durability on rough roads
  • examine tires for tread life

Besides all these, we also offer the best puncture repair and tyre change services in our tyre centre.

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