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Construction Tyres

Construction Tyres

All the different types of tyres that are capable of adapting various under-construction worksites and enable a constructor to remain productive and industrious. Even on aggressive terrains are available on one of the best construction quick fit tyres near me in Laois. Luckily these tyres are very well responding to your safety demands either being on rough roads or during construction activities.

construction tyres

Types of Construction Tyres

There are two main kinds of such tyres, radial or bias. However, it is not about which one is better. The main thing which matters is that what works best for your construction needs. At, we believe that all contractors have their own choices and demands. We offer a complete range of both radial and bias tyres in order to help you and get your required job done in a short time.

Which are the best tyres in Ireland?

Now if you are getting confused that which tyres should you go for, or which one will be best suitable for construction work. So, let’s finish this confusion. The following are some of the significant features of both these types of tyres in Ireland. These features will help you to choose the proper fit for your vehicular and industrial needs.

1.    Bias tyres

  1. Greater vehicular stability
  2. Better suited for short distances
  3. Possess greater cut resistance on the sidewalls
  4. Has improved self-cleaning features and many more

2.    Radial Tyres

  1. longer tread life
  2. Excellent tread wear
  3. Greater puncture resistance in tread region
  4. Better suited for longer distances
  5. Higher traction and many more

Quick Fit Tyres Collection

At company, we very well know that tyres need to stand up to the different constraints on industrial sites or dockyards.

That is why the professionals of our teams strive well to provide the most reliable and long-lasting solutions. They manufacture purpose-built robust tyres to work alongside sustainable and innovative tyre related services. we are ensuring that your vehicle keeps moving and running your business on a long way.

The following are some of the different types of tyres for construction available in our tyre centers:

  1. Earthmover Radial
  2. Earthmover Diagonal
  3. Light Equipment Diagonal
  4. Excavator
  5. Roller and Tractor/Agri tyres
  6. Crane Radial
  7. Multipurpose Radial
  8. Multipurpose Diagonal
  9. Tractor Industrial Radial
  10. Construction Applications
  11. Skid Steer
  12. Material Handling and many more

All these construction tyres are widely designed for a broad range of construction equipment such as:

  1. Skid steer loaders
  2. Telehandlers
  3. Compact loaders
  4. Mobile excavators
  5. Backhoe loaders
  6. Graders
  7. Compactors and many more

Why Choose Us?

The following are some of the prominent characteristics which make us stand out from all other such tyre companies in our competition:

  • Improved traction
  • Specialized tread design
  • Heavy-duty sidewalls
  • Guaranteed excellent resistance to impact and damages
  • High-tech casing
  • Heat buildup inside the tyre
  • Enhances tyre performance
  • Premium rubber compound and many more

Besides all these, the Rathdowney quick fit tyres are field-tested before displaying in inventory in order to meet the demands of the construction industry.

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