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Grass Equipment Tyres

Grass Equipment Tyres

Your garden should make a clear statement, and in order to make the most well-defined statement, you require the right tools. Most of the garden, lawn and grass equipment tyres here play a significant role in the care as well as maintenance of turf environments and fields like golf courses, amusement parks, sports grounds, and many more.

Grass equipment tyres

Types of Grass Equipment Tyres in Ireland

At Rathdowneyquickfit.ie, we offer a vast assortment of the highest quality grass mower tyres in our inventory. From simple lawn mowing to commercial-grade tractors, even down to most wheel-barrow tyres, all of them are readily available at our tyre centre at the most reasonable rates.

Moreover, the primary aim of our professionals is to provide the most reliable tyres that fit everyone’s individual needs besides handling the ever-changing workload. And, for achieving this goal, our expert specialists work day and night. They love to help the clients and customers in finding the right kind of tyres according to the size of your lawn.

1.    Garden and lawn tractor tyres 

  • For fields, lawns, and farm works Agri tyres
  • Aggressive tread
  • Excellent traction and stability

2.    Riding lawn mower tyres 

  • Utilized for both home and commercial use
  • Traction on hilly and flat surfaces
  • Multi-purpose lawn mower riding tyres

3.    Golf cart tyres 

  • Offer good traction and smooth ride
  • It is very gentle on the fairways
  • Have diverse options for both pavement and non-pavement use

4.    Tiller quick fit tyres 

  • Possess deep tread
  • Offer aggressive traction
  • Best for snowblowers, trenchers, and rototillers

5.    Utility equipment tyres 

Best for equipment handling vehicles like

  • utility carts
  • wheelbarrows
  • hand trucks
  • generators and many more

Traction Needs

Following the needs and requirements of your garden, there are three main groupings of tread pattern types for all the above-mentioned kinds of tyres in Ireland. All of them are explained below:

1.    Turf treads

These are the most common type of patterns on most lawn tyres. They primarily have circumferential rows of numerous chevron-shaped tread blocks. In addition to that, they are uniquely designed to offer maximum traction on slick grass without damaging and digging up the turf.

2.    Knobby, all-terrain treads

These pattern types commonly consist of deeper grooves and large tread blocks in order to provide the most reliable traction in some loose surfaces like sand, mud, dirt, and many more. Moreover, sometimes these tyres comprise a herringbone tread pattern that is somewhat very similar to the tread present on a farm tractor.

3.    Ribbed treads

Such tread patterned tyres are made of straight ribs and circumferential grooves that are either slightly scalloped or entirely flat. Both these optional patterns, therefore, provide extraordinary lateral stability to prevent the tyre from slipping sideways.

Where to shop Grass Equipment Tyres?

No matter whatever ply rating, size, or kind of grass tractor tyre you require, you can find a wide range of options on Rathdonweyquickfit.ie at the most reasonable rates. Our company has one of the widest collections of lawn and garden tractor quick fit tyres displayed on our website. Moreover, we have an excellent knowledgeable customer service team that guides you well about the tyres and their features.

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