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Headlight Alignment

Headlight Alignment

Headlights alignment plays very important role when you are grieving at night and said to be one of the most important safety features of cars. That is why it is essential to make sure that your headlight bulbs are aligned perfectly both for your own protection as well as for the wellbeing of other road users.

headlight alignment

Types of Lights on Cars

There are several different types of working lights on your cars, and almost all of them need to be properly aligned to work appropriately for your wellbeing. Those lights may include

  1. Side and tail lights
  2. Headlights (main and dipped beams)
  3. Direction indicators
  4. Stoplights
  5. A rear number plate light
  6. Reversing lights
  7. Fog lights
  8. Daytime running lights (DRL)
  9. Long-range driving lights
  10. Hazard warning lights and many more

What is Headlight Alignment?

If at any time you feel that the front headlights of your car are not working properly and not giving off enough light on the road, it might be due to their improper alignment.

Some major reasons behind this may include:

  1. Frequent car vibrations over the bumpy roads
  2. Cracked headlight mounting brackets
  3. Accidental breakage of the front light bulbs and many more

All these are checked first considering a major part of proper alignment.

What happens if the headlights are not properly aligned?

  1. Improper headlight alignment is one of the most common causes of NCT failures.
  2. If your car’s headlights are pointing too low, your vision, as well as the reaction time of any sudden action, will be impaired. This will be a major safety concern though.
  3. On the other hand, if your front headlights are pointing too high or sharp even when dipper, then it will cause dazzling to the oncoming other road drivers. This again impairs safety as a major concern.

headlight balance

Thus, your headlights are the most important fixtures present on your car and they must be aligned very well for the safety and protection of all.

How and where are headlights aligned perfectly?

For having the headlight effortlessly aligned, special equipment is required by experts. Nowadays a large number of companies are offering such services in Ireland, one of the best out of them is RathdowneyQuickFit Company. Here we offer the best quality headlight, headlight alignment, alloy wheels, 3D wheel alignment and all type of tyres all over Ireland. Also, our professionals have all the essential equipment for checking the functioning as well as alignment of your headlights.

  1. They first check the tyre pressure
  2. Then remove any heavy luggage carried on your car which is becoming a reason for misalignment
  3. After that, they look for the cleanliness of headlights
  4. They also replace the missing or broken mounting brackets or screws in their tyre centers.
  5. Besides all these, they also put on shone and dip beam into the test equipment

Together, all these things determine that the headlight focus is in the right place and the lights shine at the correct angles. Also, if necessary, our professionals can readily adjust your headlights by rotating and turning different adjustment screws. However, that adjustment may vary depending upon the vehicle’s model.

Contact now!

So, what else are you waiting for? Immediately contact us and you get discounted headlight alignment cost. We will always be available to assist you in all your needs. We will help you light up your way safely and have a pleasant nighttime driving experience.

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